We have more than 45 years of experience

EPI Marketing covers a wide range of


A project manager is assigned to every client to be the main contact for all matters, from bid preparation to project coordination and final delivery. Within the field of survey marketing research, EPI Marketing covers a wide range of services:

Quantitative studies
  • In-Homes
  • Street intercepts
  • Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI)
  • Telephone interviews (CATI)
  • On-line interviews
  • Central location tests
  • Home usage tests
  • Gang surveys
  • On-line surveys
Qualitative studies
  • Focus Groups
  • In depth interviews
  • In-Home interviews (ethnographic)
  • On-line bulletin boards
Type of studies
  • Usage and attitudes studies
  • Segmentation and user’s profiles
  • Brand image and positioning studies
  • Product and packaging testing
  • Product and advertising concept testing
  • Service and customer satisfaction

With more than 45 years conducting marketing research we have experience in a wide variety type of studies we can a accommodate to any specific methodology.


To keep us constantly updated on survey, data processing and information analysis methods, we have long been members of the following institutions: