We have more than 45 years of experience

Main Goal

We'll give you the tools to provide outstanding service

Our main goal is to provide international market research organizations a complete range of marketing research services in Mexico, keeping the high standards of quality and timelines our clients expect.



working for international market research companies

EPI Marketing covers a wide range of


Quantitative studies
  • In-Homes
  • Street intercepts
  • Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI)
  • Telephone interviews (CATI)
Qualitative studies
  • Focus Groups
  • In depth interviews
  • In-Home interviews (ethnographic)
  • On-line bulletin boards
Type of studies
  • Usage and attitudes studies
  • Segmentation and user’s profiles
  • Brand image and positioning studies
  • Product and packaging testing


To keep us constantly updated on survey, data processing and information analysis methods, we have long been members of the following institutions: