Data Collection
Main Goal

Door to door, Intercepts,
CATI, CAPI, On-line


Qualitative Research
Focus Groups, One on Ones, Ethnographic
Our main goal is to provide international market research organizations with a complete range of marketing research services in Mexico, keeping the high standards of quality and timeliness our client's clients expect from them.

“We'll give you the tools to provide outstanding service”

In the international arena, we work for market research providers who offer multinational services to their clients. We can provide any or all stages of a market research project.

For local clients, we provide full marketing research services in Mexico. This was our initial focus, and still is important to us. That is why we understand your needs and concerns.

EPI the difference

For many years, it's been a priority for us to serve international market research Agencies as their partner in Mexico.

We are deeply committed to quality of information. We understand the quick turnarounds for bids and data that agencies require.

We are independent and owner managed.

Open and transparent relationship, aimed at achieving common goals and establishing long-lasting co-operations.

We have more than 30 years of experience; we constantly work for many international market research agencies.
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